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Again, thanks to a member on our Dutch Spore forums, a new video with Spore in it. The video shows more than just Spore, if you don't want to see the rest of the video, skip 28 minutes. After that is the part about Spore.

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It's been quiet on our Spore websites for a few months. That did have something to do with the fact that I also own SimsNetwork and SimsNetwerk. Those websites consume a lot of my free time, and that leaves less time for Spore. But the SNW websites have been changed, improved, which saves me more time. Now it's time for a new look on SporeNetwork. I cannot show a preview just yet, but I will post one soon.

The past couple of days, we were able to see what E3 would bring us this year. I am a bit disappointed that there are no Sims games listed, but you never know of course. But, there will be Spore! That's some good news.

Another interesting fact is that I am flying to Los Angeles next Tuesday, to attend E3! For more information or questions, please go to our forums!

Thanks to a member on our Dutch Spore forums, I found out about a movie about Spore on YouTube. I have been very busy lately, so I had not seen this myself yet.

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Episode 17 - The Final Countdown is now available for you to download!

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New Properties and Blockbusters From EA SPORTS and EA Brands In Development for New Consoles, PCs, Handheld Platforms and Mobile Phones

Click on Read More and scroll down or click here to read the press release. It's a very long one, don't say I didn't warn you.

Add some Family Fun to your Avatar with a king's crown, snorkel, princess necklace, Hawaiian shirt, or mermaid top!

We've released a patch for Family Fun Stuff fixing a few of the more urgent issues some of you have seen.

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Episode 16 - The Montage Exposition is now available for you to download!

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We've announced the winners of The Open For Business Commercial Contest. Congratulations Pancake for your Grand Prize winning movie!

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