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Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau takes you through Nightlife with this 6 minute video.

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The expansion packs from The Sims 1 have recently been lowered in price! Which expansion pack fits you best?

Have you always dreamed of being a Superstar, travel around the world, or have a luxurious diner with your true love? Or would you rather party with all of your friends?

Play the Simsquiz and find out which expansion fits you best!

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Have a look at the DJ in action in the new Nightlife video.

Each one of you probably has their own unique and special story... and we want to hear it. This is your chance to share your Sims biography with Maxis as we endeavor to create a collage of The Sims 2 player biographies.

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What do the stars have in store for you this July? Check out the July Nightlife horoscopes to find out.

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We have added 2 new postcards to the mail center! Now you can send a Thank You note or send a special note to your best friend. Let someone know you care!

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The Sims 2 The Sims 2

Decorate your desktop with your choice of Nightlife wallpapers. Now available in the Get Cool Stuff section.

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Last Friday there was a meet-and-greet with Tim LeTourneau! Read the stories and view the photos!

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Meet-and-greet Tim LeTourneau

Tim LeTourneauIt's obvious you guys have a lot of questions for Tim! 10 community members are lucky enough to ask their questions in person! Continue reading for the results!

The 10 members who won the meet-and-greet contest are:

Four new Nightlife Screens have been added to the site.

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