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The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack will ship March 1st, and be in stores March 3rd!

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De Sims 2: Studentenleven zal vanaf donderdag 10 maart verkrijgbaar zijn!

There are less then two weeks left to enter The New Beginnings Sims 2 Movie contest. Entries are due by January 23rd. Create a comedy around the theme, "New Beginnings", and you could win a Digital Video Camera! Meet the challenge and enter your movie!

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We've just released a new update. This update fixes Custom Content Browser (CCB) support for Asian territories and fixes bugs related to downloadable objects. To download the update, head on over to the updates area.

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Wednesday January 5 Tim LeTourneau visited The Netherlands. During his visit he gave a demonstration from the upcoming game The Sims 2 University.

Five people from the community were present. Akajoris, LeeRoyNR09, Moepmoep1, Soubiyo and Simsnetwork were the lucky winning people; they had the chance to shake Tim's hand and ask him anything about the new Sims game where your Sims can go to college! You can read some of the community members experience here (Dutch only)!

Here is the first trailer for The Sims 2 University!

In this trailer you can see how a Sim uses a cow plant to get rid of his rival!

Happy New Year Everyone,

I hope this T-Mail finds you all well, and that you had a safe and happy New Year. I know many have been touched by the disaster in SE Asia, even some at Electronic Arts, and I can only hope that each of you has been spared personal loss in this tragic event.

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During the weekend of January 7-9 2005, The Sims Resource will be celebrating the milestone of having over 100,000 Custom Creations for "The Sims" games with 10,000 free downloads, a contest, and more!

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