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The Sims 2 University

How good are you? Play the new initiation web game to find out!

You can find the game here!

The first 2 chapters of The Sims 2 University Prima Guide are now available for download in the Help area.

Thanks Prima!

It's possible you'll experience issues during the installation of The Sims 2 University due to the first version of the patch.

So make sure you have the latest version of the patch installed before you start installing the new game.

The latest version of the patch can be found here. welcomes a new moderator!

A new expansion means more activity on the forums. That's why LeeRoyNR09 has been made a moderator.

LeeRoyNR09 has been active for quite some time on the forums, and he has helped out before as a temporary moderator. From this day on he'll be a part of the team.

The BBS will be down for maintenance Tuesday at 9 AM PST. The BBS will be back online by 11 AM PST. Sorry for any inconvenience.

"The expansion pack already exceeded my expectations."

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In case you missed our chat with The Sims 2 University team you can find out what you missed in the chat transcripts.

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"More than anything else, The Sims 2 University adds a lot of bang for your buck."

Read The Review

Members of the Sims development team reminisce about what they learned over the five years since the release of the original game.

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