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The Halloween Building Contest winners have been posted! We have had a lot of very good entries and all winners and runner-ups have been posted in the Contest Winners area.

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We have completed the long awaited Registration System overhaul and Network upgrade. There have been many changes to the registration system, we have a completely new BBS, and there are many new features for you to manage your account information. has a bunch of new exclusive Hot Date screenshots. View their slideshow and see if you can spot the Prude!

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Thank you to all of you that entered the Halloween Building Contest. The judges will begin reviewing the entries and the winners will be posted next week.

Think speaking 'Simlish' is easy? Watch these videos from our sound booth and join the fun!

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We will be making some upgrades to over the next few days so some areas of the website will not be working. You can expect the Exchange, BBS, downloads, and login functions to be down until sometime during the weekend. Thank you for your patience.

For those of you that are entering the Halloween Building Contest, you have one week left to send in your entries. For more information about the contest, follow the link to the Contests area.

In case you missed the Developer Chat with Hot Date Assistant Producer and Game Designer, MaxiSean, you can read the transcripts in the About Hot Date section.

Go To Hot Date Chat Transcripts gets a preview of Hot Date, take a look at what they have to say about our latest expansion pack.

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Sid was recently interviewed by Apolyton about his goals for SimGolf, the future of gaming, and more!

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