IGN: SimsVille Canned

Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 23:00

According to IGN, Maxis pulled the plug on SimsVille. Read more on IGN or click read more to read it on our website.

SimsVille Canned

Maxis and Electronic Arts pull the plug on SimsVille.

SimsVille, best described as a cross between The Sims and Sim City, has met an untimely end as it wasn't meeting Maxis' standards. Strange, considering when last we saw the game, it was actually shaping up fairly well. As a Maxis employee told us today,

"We have very high standards for our games, and SimsVille was meeting it in some places, but not in others."

Don't fret, little pet; it's not all grey clouds. Even though the title, which would have given users an intimate look at their denizens a la The Sims and a level of control a la Sim City, is gone, the knowledge used to create it will live on. The same Maxis representative told us,

"We're hoping to take what we've learned in SimsVille and using it in future projects."

Thankfully, it appears also that this move does not entail the layoffs of the title's development team (those are always the worst to report on), as it seems members of the SimsVille team have been moved onto other projects, and many are in fact now helping with the development of The Sims Online. No reason to let a lot of expertise and talent go to waste, eh?

-- IGN

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