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We've updated our help section specially for users of The Sims Livin' Large. Check it out!

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Our new contest starts this SimDay. What has The Sims Livin' Large done for your Sims? Show us and win!

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Many of you may be familiar with this building since it was included on the original SimCity box, but not in the game. Maxis was quite impressed with the depths of sleuthing that went on as our fans uncovered small hints and clues as to the nature of this missing building. The theories on the BBS were extensive and the spirit in which SimCity fans discussed the long-lost arcos of old was, to say the least, mesmerizing.

We would like to thank all of you that have sent in your buildings! The contest is now over and we will be announcing the winners next week so stay tuned.

That's right! The Sims Livin' Large is out the door and in the stores. Go get yours! Or, if you're a lazy Sim, just click here to buy it online -- Freddy the Pizza Guy will bring it to your door.

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There's a great review of The Sims Livin' Large over at Check it out!

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The gang at played The Sims Livin' Large, and were not disappointed to find "...more character skins, more career paths, more home furnishings, and more of the original game's quirky, sarcastic humor."

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This SimDay, meet one of the more unusual characters from The Sims Livin' Large -- the Tragic Clown.

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The history of a classic game is varied and colorful. To show the community the many faces of SimCity, from past to present, the "History of a Classic" section has been enhanced with some comments from Will and a historical glimpse of a familiar game. Enjoy this SimCity trip down memory lane.

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Thanks to our great user community, we found some bugs in the Art Studio tool which caused odd results for some users. If you had any trouble with Art Studio, download the new version today!



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