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We've made some improvements to the Art Studio. It now produces much nicer looking paintings, because we've added automatic anti-aliasing. Download it today!

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There's an interesting take on the Sims Livin' Large expansion pack on Check it out!

Go To Livin' Large Review, or click read more below to read the review and see all the screenshots on our website.

We've been hard at work on a new download for this SimDay: The Sims File Cop. This utility will go through your data files for The Sims and clean up any damaged or incomplete files. So after you download that new skin, just have the File Cop check things out for you!

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Now you can cover your desktop with SimCity desktop images! We have 2 images to choose from in all the popular sizes! Download your favorite in the Downloads area today.

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Lot 2, here we come! family has gotten too big for our little home. So on Sunday, November 5, we're going to be physically moving and to more spacious digs. This move should be complete by midweek, in plenty of time for next week's SimDay. During the move, many portions of the site may not be accessible, including Chat, the BBS, the Exchange, and all downloads. Thanks for bearing with us -- this move will let us continue to add more features, bandwidth and fun to!

These were the creepiest family albums we've seen in quite a while! Check them out in SimDay Events.

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We have updated the Hall Of Fame page with a great number of Architects who have made considerable contributions to the Building Exchange. Please do not view this as a complete list of worthy Hall of Famer's, but it is a good place to start.

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Thank you to everyone who entered the "Spooky Halloween" contest. These ghoulish and scary buildings will bring a new after-life to any part of your city. Check out the winners on the contest winners page and download your favorites now.

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The Spooky Story contest ends tonight at -- you guessed it -- midnight. Look for the winners next SimDay!

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ESCmag's reviewer got a real kick out of Livin' Large. "The new items are very well designed, and the Grim Reaper alone is worth the price of admission." Check it out!

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