Maxis Releases Mystery Building as Plug-in Landmark!

Tuesday, September 5, 2000 - 23:10

Many of you may be familiar with this building since it was included on the original SimCity box, but not in the game. Maxis was quite impressed with the depths of sleuthing that went on as our fans uncovered small hints and clues as to the nature of this missing building. The theories on the BBS were extensive and the spirit in which SimCity fans discussed the long-lost arcos of old was, to say the least, mesmerizing.

From Maxis' perspective, the history of this particular building is not that glorifying. As it often turns out in the world of software development, not everything gets into the final game. That is not to say the final game was lacking, but clearly, arcologies did not make the cut (well, except for the box).

In the spirit of supporting our fans in any way that we can, we now humbly offer you this mystery building as a Landmark. It's not going to boost your population; it is not going to launch your sims to that great city in the sky (watch the Space Debris closely to see how that adventure turns out); and it is not going to help you with your homework. One thing it will do, however, is look very cool in your favorite city. We sincerely hope you enjoy this free plug-in and the fanciful feelings it evokes.

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