Sunny Art Deco House

Sunday, January 5, 2014 - 19:22


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Another Art Deco house! This one is sunny with yellow, mint and pink colours! It looks great in all seasons. But I love the snowy view, and I also love the view during sunset. It's so lovely!

It's a small house, on a small lot. I initially made the house a little different, but changed it so it could fit a driveway as well. How else would my Sims be able to work on their future car?

As you can see, the house requires Roaring Heights, but also the Boardwalk, I think. I used items from Roaring Heights for sure. And probably from the Boardwalk venue. Without these, the house won't work.

Downstairs has an entrance straight into the office area. To the left is the kitchen with dining area, stairs to go up. And to the back you'll find the living room area. Inside the living room there is a small lavatory. From the living room you can go outside. Outside there's a playful floor pattern. And I made a little greenhouse. You can use that to put planters or whatever you like.

Upstairs you'll find a small bathroom, one master bedroom, one large single Sim bedroom (for kids or teens), and finally a nursery. There's pink wallpaper now, but you can easily change that into something else if you don't like the pink! The hallway and the nursery both have access to balconies!


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