Simpedia: The Sims 3: Roaring Heights


Elevate your lifestyle to new heights

Welcome to a city where bold shapes, rich colors, and lavish looks rule the skyline! The residents of Roaring Heights are living in the fast lane in this booming place filled with striking skyscrapers and bustling beaches. Whether you’re content to hang out on the piers, work your way to the top, or host glamorous parties at home, there’s a place for every lifestyle. With endless opportunities at your front door, which new life will you choose in Roaring Heights?

You can use the Bonus SimPoints that come with the Gold Edition Bundle on anything you wish, but we recommend The Boardwalk Venue. This venue has been designed specifically with Roaring Heights in mind. 

The venue includes the Sky High Roller Coaster Premium Content. Coming Soon!

Release Dates

Release Date: 
12 Dec 2013



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