Navicula Houseboat

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 01:06


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This is the Dutch inspired house boat I built. I called it Navicula! It's a fully furnished boat with the helm in the front, open kitchen, study and all-in-one bathroom in the middle and the living area down the back. Below you'll fine three bedrooms. Each is equipped with an all-in-one bathroom. Two bedrooms have double beds. One of those bedrooms also has a baby crib behind a wall. The third bedroom has two single pirate beds (yarrrr) and is nice for kids or teens.

I used a lot of expansion packs, but I may have forgotten one. As for stuff packs and store content, I think I didn't use any of that. But I'm not too sure.

The file has been checked with Custard and appears safe here.


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