Christmas Art Deco House

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 - 01:45


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It's here! Christmas is here, and so is the Christmas Art Deco house! As you can see, it uses a lot of art deco building items. These are all from the official store world Roaring Heights. I may or may not have used items from the Boardwalk venue (included in the gold version of Roaring Heights). It also uses a lot of expansion packs, see in the sidebar for all the packs used. I didn't use any stuff packs. I used pretty much all the (mostly free?) holiday sets from the store. Happy 

Downstairs: hall/lounge/kitchen/dining area, living room, bathroom with connected laundry room, and a small office. The living room is the most important room in this house, as it has a neat fireplace and a large Christmas tree. But there is much more to do and see. Check some of the screenshots to see what I mean! Happy

Upstairs: potentially 5 bedrooms, though at the time of upload the house has one master bedroom, one room for two single beds (for kids or teens?), one nursery, one hobby room, and a nearly empty room ready to be made into a functional room. Two bathrooms, of which one has a potty for the little ones. Furthermore there's a nice large balcony where your Sims can enjoy the view.

Outside there are plenty of shrubs, trees, and flowers. Down the back of the house you can see a nice patio with fountain, and a little more secluded is the car repair area. Once the car is fixed, you can move it onto the driveway at the front of the lot.

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