Beachy Boat

Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 21:26


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It's like a beach house, but on a boat! Has a nice and cozy living room area, and a desk and lounge area down the back. Upstairs you'll find the kitchen with dining/breakfast area, a balcony to look out to the sea at the front, and the helm of the boat at the back. At the back you'll also find a grill. In the basement there are three bedrooms. All of which have a double bed and two end tables. Two of the bedrooms have an all-in-one bedroom, but there is another one outside in the hallway. And last but not least there is a separate bathroom with a full bath tub/shower (in case you have pets or toddlers that need a good wash).

The house was created for boats, but you can place it anywhere you like. So if you'd rather have this house on land, that's possible as well. Just remember that I designed this house to work on the water haha.

The file was checked with Delphy's Custard and everything is safe on my end. Should work for you as well. Did not use any store content as far as I know. I did use pretty much all the expansions, but only one stuff pack.



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