So… um… it looks like we’re all out of cupcakes. Looks like we should go make some more. Good thing we’re here to introduce the second Premium Content bundle coming with the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery, the Baker’s Station!

Today we got a bit of news about The Sims 4!

This is a new screen:


And not just any screen. As you can see these are Sims on Abbey Road. Why? Well...

SimGuruTaterTot shared a new screen of the upcoming store set last night, but it was already too late for me so I decided to post it this morning. More bakery goodness. I really, really, really, really hope it's a bakery. Please, let it be a bakery. Okay done now. Enjoy!

care to join me for a sweet afternoon snack?

Special thanks to Alexis from SimsVIP for the find!

Here are 30 screenshots from yesterday's class about The Sims 4 which took place at GDC. Please note that all the screenshots are from alpha software. And these aren't your average screenshots either. But it's something! Finally! Anything! Haha.

SimGuruTaterTot released a new store sneak preview, of which there have been a few before. The previous ones were not exactly clear. But the way they Photoshopped the image was very fitting, as this seems to be about blowing glass. As you can see this preview also has a bit of a stained glass effect. :D

I know I shared some of the screenshots Alan Copeland shared through Twitter, but my website is giving me a bit of a headache atm, not showing all the screens inside posts. And since there have been a couple of new ones since the last time I posted I decided to group the screens here:

I am actually unsure whether this screen is new or not, but I can't remember this one, so I decided to post it. The Sims Russia shared this screen on Twitter earlier, and it caught my eye. Two Plumbots in the hottub!

Both SimGuruSmitty and SimGuruCopeland have shared new images from Midnight Hollow. You can check them out below! I loooooove the style in this world. And I think the world looks fab covered in snow. <3

There are three new screens from the upcoming expansion pack Cities of Tomorrow! Check them out! Are you excited yet?

The Live Broadcast is over, and we have some screens for you from Midnight Hollow! Only a few though, you can see all 161 unsorted screens on our Facebook page. And don't forget to like the page! Happy