There are three new screens from the upcoming expansion pack Cities of Tomorrow! Check them out! Are you excited yet?

The Live Broadcast is over, and we have some screens for you from Midnight Hollow! Only a few though, you can see all 161 unsorted screens on our Facebook page. And don't forget to like the page! Happy

The Live Broadcast is over, and I made lots of screenies (118, unsorted)! Check them all out on our Facebook page, and be sure to like our page if you haven't already! Here are a few highlights of the Into the Future screens:

So the Live Broadcast just ended, and I made screens from all the new games and content. Here are a couple of them, from Movie Stuff. You can view the rest of the (114 unsorted) photos on our Facebook page! Be sure to like our page so you don't ever have to miss out on cool stuff!

Rincón del Simmer just tweeted that the official website has been updated with the new Midnight Hollow background. If you can't see it yet, you may need to clear your browser cache!

Curious about the backstory of Midnight Hollow? Well another Sim from The Sims 2 has returned. This time it's Olive Specter. She was in The Sims 2 base game. And she lived in Strangetown. Remember her? I do!

Yay I finally managed to access the Midnight Hollow page, thanks to the in-game link (Avenida Sims reminded me of that, thank you!) So I collected all the screenies and info here. And I captured the (small) images from all the objects and clothing as well. Did you know that there are 114 exclusive new items in this world! Oh my goodness!

Find your light in the dark splendor of Midnight Hollow

I keep trying to access the Midnight Hollow page on The Sims 3 Store, but no such luck. I keep getting errors. I can visit the premium content page however. And the premium content is the Savvy Seller's Collection. This premium item is what you will need for "Open for Business" in The Sims 3! What I'm trying to say is that you can open your own shops in The Sims 3 with this premium item!

Check out the screenshot for @SimGuruSparkle's hint yesterday!

SimGuruSmitty (Lisa) just tweeted SimGuruSparkle's screen of the new world they're working on!

Are the chickens and horses lonely on your Sim's farm? Enter the Farm Fresh Folk Set with the Milkin' It Dairy Corral and your problems are solved! In addition to cows (YES, COWS!), you'll get a whole new set of pioneer-inspired clothing and home decor to help you create the perfect farm! Your Sims are one step closer to self-sufficient living...

I was in my game just now building something new (uh oh!) and while I was browing through the patterns, I came across at least 10 new patterns. You can see them below! You can get these patterns for free by installing the latest patch! They seem to be aimed at The Sims 3: Movie Stuff and will also go nicely with the upcoming expansion pack Into the Future! :D I really like these patterns! I am using a couple of them in my upcoming house!

With the unveiling of The Sims 4 at EA's GamesCom 2013 press conference, a set of screenshots and two trailers was released. Check them out below.

Here's a new Movie Stuff screen! What an evil fireplace in the background!

You’ve voted on your favorite Sims and here they are now revealing new items from The Sims 3 Movie Stuff! Our female Sim looks like she’s up to no good… What do you think she’s up to? Caption this image!

New Movie Stuff screen found on the official Sims Facebook page!

This. This gets me in the mood to build! You have no idea!




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