The Sims Anniversary 2014

The Sims is turning 14 years old in 2014! Time to party! Check back every day to see new surprises!


The Sims wallpapers

Decided to make a couple of wallpapers to decorate your computers and devices with. I took a wild guess with the iPhone and iPad wallpapers, since iOS7 (Parallax) messes the wallpapers up. Anyway, you can download the wallpapers below!

The wallpapers have all four Sims series in it. Basically. The blueprint house is from The Sims. Blended in is a group of Sims from The Sims 2. My own Sim from The Sims 3 is standing on the right. And she is looking at a plumbob from The Sims 4! Edited the original The Sims logo to suit the colours of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. So it's a bit of everything. Enjoy the wallpapers. Feel free to send me snapshots of your desktops/gadgets using the wallpapers! I'd love to see it. Mention @SNW on Twitter, or post something on our Facebook page! Happy

There are two different versions. One is blue, one is purple. Choose the one you like best!





Plumbob Drawing

Just for fun! I like to draw Simsy things every now and then :D


McKenzie Rhys

I uploaded one of my favourite Simmies. Her name is McKenzie and she is a bit of a geek. She loves to read, loves the computer a lot, she is also artistic. I guess in a way she is me? Hahaha. But McKenzie is prettier Wink Anyway I know a lot of people like McKenzie, so that's why I decided to share her with you!

View more photos and information!


Ravenwoods Family by Marii

Marii is currently doing a Let's Play of Midnight Hollow on the SNW YouTube channel. And the family she is using for that LP, is now available for download on SNW!


Mashuga House (Classic Sims house)

Remember this classic Sims house? It came with The Sims: Livin' Large (or The Sims: Livin' It Up). I recreated it for you guys!

View/download the Mashuga house on this page!


Newbies House (Classic Sims house)

Another classic Sims house. Quite an iconic one at that! The Newbies itself aren't included, it's just the house itself. I'm quite proud of this one! It's a perfect starter home too!

View/download the Newbies house here! Happy


Goldy Berryfairy by Marii

Marii has created a very cool Berry Sweet Sim! She is so pretty!

Go check out Goldy Berry Fairy!


Sims Photo Book contest

This contest is for the Dutch speaking folks only, the contest is open to Dutch and Belgian Sims fans! EA Netherlands is creating a Sims photo book. And it's a book by fans, for fans. Fans can send in a cool photo or screenshot related to The Sims games, and EA will choose the best entries. And these will receive one of those awesim books!

Go here to participate!


Goth House

Who doesn't love this classic house? I made it for The Sims 2, and now I've also made it for The Sims 3. I am not sure which is my favourite. The Newbies House or The Goths House? Which is your favourite?

View and download the Goth House!


Sims 3 Codes Giveaway!

We have a couple of games to give away!

Participate here!


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