More concept arts, this time the t-shirt designs from World Adventures! I loved these. Happy

The final concept art for the souvenir t-shirts in CAS from The Sims 3 World Adventures!

SimGuruSarah shared some cool concept arts from World Adventures:

Hi everyone! I have some World Adventures concept art to share featuring an Egyptian themed Living Room!

SimGuruSarah shared two new University Life concept arts:

By request, concept art from the "Nerd Dorm" in The Sims 3 University!

SimGuruSarah posted 4 new concept arts on Twitter just now, all from The Sims 3: University Life. See them below:

Here are two new concept arts from Hidden Springs.

Some very, very early concept art for Hidden Springs. Possibly some of the earliest.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Sims 4!

By request, a new piece of The Sims 3 Into The Future concept art. This is the cardboard robot outfit!

Gotta love all these beautiful concept arts. Thank you SimGuruSarah for sharing them!

By request, full color concept art from The Sims 3 Into the Future!

Today there are 5 new concept arts thanks to SimGuruSarah. These are concept arts from The Sims 3: Pets (Appaloosa Plains).

SimGuruSarah posted these tasty concept arts today!

Some candy concept art from The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats!


SimGuruSarah took over Twitter today to answer questions about The Sims 3: Movie Stuff. I collected all the questions and answers here, along with a nice amount of concept arts! :D

Here is concept art for one of my favorite dresses in Movie Stuff - it's a Victorian-style gown for the Western theme


SimGuruSarah just announced she has moved onto the Sims 4 team!

Happy Friday Simmers! I'm busy wrapping up The Sims 3 Movie Stuff and on Monday I start on The Sims 4, wahoo!



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