The Sims 4: Gameplay Walkthrough Official Trailer

SimGuruGraham took his time on twitter to clarify some things that were shown in The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough video.

Yes, @SimGuruGraham is still rocking that awesome shirt today! #TheSims4 #EAE3

How does #TheSims4 team @E3 look?

Doors just opened. We are ready! #thesims4 #eae3

This is kind of funny because, some of you might remember, last year we organized this wave of funny selfie compilations at The Sims 4 Faces Project, because of that one render that The Sims Studio released:

My spiffy new badge...

SimGuruGraham has written a tutorial on how to make a house boat in the game and in Create a World. It's a LONG topic haha.

SimGuruGraham just posted this cool screen with a family on a houseboat, including what seems like all of their pets on board. So cool!


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