The lovely Cheetah has written the final part of our hands-on!

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Tonight we will post part 3 (which is also the final part) of our SimCity hands-on preview. For now I would like you to visit our colleagues Platinum Simmers and Simparool, who also attended the event and both have articles online! Platinum Simmers have an English written article, and Simparool's article is in Dutch. But I'm sure Google Translate can help you if you want to read it! Both have unique screenshots as well.

Platinum Simmers:

Well, part 2 of our SimCity hands-on preview is online! Curious?

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Earlier this month we were invited on a SimCity event in The Netherlands. It's actually the first time I didn't attend an event myself. Instead, Cheetah (who you may all know from The Sims Zone) attended the event for me. Big thanks to Cheetah for attending the event and for writing up a nice article as well. The next few days we'll add the other parts.

Gamescom 2010

EA Netherlands has invited us recently to go to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. There we went to see DarkSpore behind closed doors, at the EA Business Lounge, for a very exclusive presentation. Our preview is now online!

Read our DarkSpore preview!

It took a while, but it's finally finished and online! I didn't tell about my trip to London for a sneak peek of Spore, because I wasn't sure whether or not we were allowed to tell anyone about it. Of course, it was a lot of fun! I have played Spore for real this time. And I wrote my experiences in my Spore preview. To read this preview, click on the image below:


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