So I was invited to Spore's Galactic Adventures Fan Day this week. But many of us couldn't make it on the 16th (today). That's why EA arranged for us to go on Thursday. But that has been cancelled as well, since there are already events going on that day at the EA office. The bad news is that there won't be an event for me (no preview). The good news is that I will receive a copy of Spore's Galactic Adventures soon, meaning I will be able to write a nice review for SporeNetwork. :bigsmile:

Next week there will be a Spore Galactic Adventures event for press, fansites and fans. We will also be attending the event, although not the official one because we can't make it on that day (and we weren't the only ones).

But that's not why I'm posting this. EA has announced on the official Dutch website that fans can get an invitation to the event in The Netherlands. It's not unlimited so fans have to be quick and send in the request before Monday. The lucky ones will get an invitation to go to the event on Tuesday.

Some lucky fansites and fans were able to go to the Maxis Studios on August 22nd for a Community Day!

EA Spotlights Slate of New Titles and Initiatives at Annual Summer Showcase Event. Read everything in the press release below.


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