Who do you recognize in this @E3 selfie? #TheSims4

Yes, @SimGuruGraham is still rocking that awesome shirt today! #TheSims4 #EAE3

#TheSims4 !RT @EA: What's your favorite part of #E3? #EAE3

@LeVarBurton dropped by to see us! #TheSims4 #EAE3

Day 2. Still full of energy. #TheSims4 #EAE3

How does #TheSims4 team @E3 look?

SimGuruArgus on camera. #thesims4

Crazy lines at #thesims4 #eae3

Doors just opened. We are ready! #thesims4 #eae3

A glimpse of #TheSims4 booth before the crowd comes. We are ready for #EAE3!

Prepping for #eae3 Big breakfasts are essential! #thesims4

Are you ready? Watch the EA livestream right here!

Which of these outfits would you wear to @E3? #TheSims4 #E32014

SimGuruRachel confirmed that The Sims 4 will in fact be at E3. I wish I could go this year!

E3 Titles Showcase Quality, Innovation, Online Experiences and Focus on the Wii. Press release can be read below.

EA Unveils New Games, New Relationships and New Online Experiences at E3. Read the press release below (click Read More).

EA Unveils Blockbuster Games for 2008 Holiday Including Spore, Madden NFL 09, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, MySims Kingdom, LITTLEST PET SHOP, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and More. Click read more for the complete press release!

There have been loads of new screenshots and movies from E3 attendees the past couple of days, but because some things went completely wrong (like the wifi in this hotel) I wasn't able to upload anything. But I have uploaded some screenshots now. The vids will follow soon. Here are a few previews. At this very moment I am too exhausted to create thumbs, so the site now actually loads the large screenshots right away.



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