Hippie End Table! #2

So far I've created 32 swatches for the hippie end table! About 18 plain wooden versions, the rest has lots of bright colours and have fun prints on the table tops!

Need to do some thorough testing still.

I did find that when the camera is tilted, the prints (table top) are a tad blurry, but after searching I found out this apparently is a game mechanism issue, and not something to do with my object. It isn't really noticable with the plain wooden version ones, but the ones with prints can be a bit blurry when you look at them from the side.

It looks better in game than it does on this pic too btw.

Now trying to determine how much polygons I should drop for the lod1 and lod2. When it's all done I'll share it on SNW! 😁

In case anyone is wondering, YES, I am planning to create a whole set of hippie themed items! ❤

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