Day 6: Water House

Pool on the first floor.

Pool on the ground floor.

It's nowhere near done, but it's slowly taking shape.

The first floor pool as seen from the top. You can also look into the pool from the living room below.

Author's Note: 

I've created a house called Futuristic Mid-Century Modern way back in 2013, right after The Sims 3: Into the Future released. It was one of my most liked houses, and it made sense, because I spent many days working on it. I tried to build a water house today, but none of the ideas I tried really worked. I remembered I was planning to recreate my old Futuristic Mid-Century Modern house in The Sims 4 at some point. And more importantly, it had a couple of pools on several floors, making it a perfect water house. Now I'm not at all done with this, because, well, it's a massive project to be honest. And I won't make everything the same. In fact I've already changed a number of things cause I liked it better that way. But I think this will be another great house when it's finally done. Until then, enjoy these work-in-progress screenshots for today's SIMtember prompt! :D

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