Stage 3: Rental Final Occupant - My Entry

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Troy and Thalea were veterinary students who met in their second year of university. They moment they met they fell in love. The young couple soon decided to move in together. Troy spotted this little one bedroom studio. It was perfect for the two of them.

Both Troy and Thalea were environmentalists, especially fighting for animal rights. Furthermore they really liked books, which is pretty clear when you take one look at their place!

Seeing as Troy and Thalea were both animal lovers, they yearned to get a pet. After begging the home owner for weeks, they got permission to get a cat. Spooky joined the family!

Not long after they moved in, Thalea discovered she was pregnant. This changed everything. Thalea had to quit her studies, at least for a little while. She really didn't want to become a mom at this age. But at least they were together and they had a roof over their heads.

Thalea had expected Troy to run for the hills. Troy did no such thing. He had to admit he was a bit scared, not knowing what to expect or how they were going to do this. However, he was also a bit excited. He always knew he'd want a family someday. Sure, this was a lot sooner than he had anticipated, but it was still a family with the love of his life. Troy was the one to inform the owner of the apartment building about their situation. Again, the owner was very lenient and told Troy that if they wouldn't cause any disturbances, they were welcome to stay. This was such a relief!

Thalea gave birth to their daughter Sarah and they created a little secluded corner in the room using bookcases. This provided both the couple and their little nugget with some privacy. They could still work, study and watch TV at night without disturbing little Sarah too much.

Troy had every intention of providing the family with a decent family home the moment he graduated. But finding a new home wasn't as easy as they thought it would be. And they weren't in a rush either. After all, baby Sarah was still small enough.

But months became years. And their little Sarah was already 7 years old! The apartment was getting a bit too small at this point. The only problem was that they were rather attached to their cosy place.

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