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Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 00:11


Are you curious about the clothing and the hairdos in The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff? Then look no further! I made this little overview with all the CAS (Create a Sim) items, including all the colour options. That way, you know what you're getting when you buy this pack! I've split the screenshots per category. As always, you can select all the outfits, shoes and hairdos for both genders. Just select Feminine or Masculine (or both) under Fashion Choice in your game when browsing outfits!



Toddler Girls Hair


These four hair styles are so cute! They are listed under the girls hairdos. Each hair style comes in 9 colour options. Need more colours?


Toddler Girls Dresses


This cute dress and cardigan comes in 14 colour options. There's even one that just screams 'Little Red Riding Hood', as you can see below:



This dress comes in 13 colour options.



The dress on the left comes in 12 colour options. Some are just plain, others have circles/dots and confetti prints! The dress on the right also comes in 12 colour options.


The dress above comes in 10 colour options. Most of them are plain, some have a checkered pattern.


Toddler Girls Outfits

The above outfit has 11 colour options. As usual, the majority of these outfits are plain. But a few of them have a floral pattern as well.



This adorable outfit comes in 13 colour options. There are plain coloured ones, as well as circles/dotted, strawberry and stripey designs.



So cute! This outfit comes in 13 colour options. Mostly plain coloured ones. A few have circles/dots and some have stars!


Toddler Girls Tops

Aren't these the best? 14 Colour options for this top. Most of them plain coloured, a few have diagonal stripes, one has a vertical stripe design, one has ice popsicles, and one has flowers.


Adorable bee/fairy tops with wings on the back. There are 3 colour options to choose from.


Toddler Girls Shorts

Here are 12 shorts with little bows on the side. All of them in plain colour. No prints.


Toddler Girls Skirts

A cute little skirt in 8 colour options. Mostly plain coloured ones. Two of them have a stripey design.


More skirts! This skirt comes in 11 colour options. Most of them plain colour, a few with a starry pattern, and one of them with a neon stripey design.


Toddler Unisex Trousers

These capri pants come in 9 colour options. 


Toddler Girls Shoes

12 Adorable open shoes with strap.


Toddler Girls Styled Outfits

There are 5 different styled outfits for little toddler girls in this pack.


The outfit on the left has 5 options, and the one on the right has 4 options.


This outfit has 5 colour options. I personally like the strawberry one best!


This styled outfit consists of a top and a pair of shorts, and it comes in 5 colour options.


If you ever wanted your little toddler to dress up as a little bee girl, now you can! There are 3 colour options for this styled outfit.


Toddler Boys Hair


These two hair styles are listed under the boys department. You can also pick them for girls, but they were designed with little boys in mind. Each hair colour comes in 9 colour options. If you want more, you can always download more hair styles on SNW!


Toddler Unisex Outfits


Here are the full outfits for toddler boys and girls. The left one is a knee-length dungarees/overalls outfit. Mostly plain coloured, but a few have Voidcritter designs! Like the Meduso one. Awww!


Toddler Unisex Sweaters


I could just scream, these animal hoodies are so adorable! There are 5 colour options to choose from.


Toddler Unisex Shirts


These superhero t-shirts are too cute. There are 12 colour options, but I wanted to show front and back, hence the 24 different images haha! Most of them have a plain coloured short with a starry cape. Some have a shirt with a star on them, or even a starry print.


This top comes in 11 colour options. A few are plain coloured, a few have designs on them (a caterpillar, lemons and limes, an orange?, a sailor, a melon, sprinkles, and a bird).


Another t-shirt. This one has 12 colour options. Mostly plain coloured ones and a few with cars on them.


Toddler Boys Trousers


The long trousers on the left come in 12 colour options. It's a mix of plain coloured trousers, and camouflage/army trouwsers. The shorts on the right also come in 12 colour options. Half of them are plain coloured, the other half are checkered.


Toddler Unisex Shoes

11 Colour options for these shoes. They are so retro looking!


These monstrous shoes come in 8 colour options.


Toddler Boys Styled Outfits


The styled outfit on the left has 5 colour options. The one in the middle also has 5 colour options. And the styled outfit on the right also has 5 colour options!


This superhero styled outfit comes in 5 colour options!



If you were looking for new outfits for your toddlers, The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff is definitely a good pack to buy. I was hoping for some face paint options for toddlers, and some new hats, but unfortunately there aren't any. I also didn't see any new accessories, which made me a little sad. But the stuff EA did put in is definitely adorable and will expand your toddlers' wardrobes quite a bit. With an exception of the bee/fairy shirt and the animal hoodies, most new clothing items come in at least 12 colour options.


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