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Monday, July 8, 2013 - 21:00


Some time ago I got Dragon Valley (standard edition). I love the world and as always I try to make a nice review. I also bought the Renaissance Faire to go with Dragon Valley. I will be showing Dragon Valley in this review, and the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire in another review. I planned to combine them in one review at first, but both became too long so I had to split them into two parts.

The Sims 3: Dragon Valley is a celtic meets medieval themed world. It's definitely inspired by Ireland, and I think it's also inspired a little by Scotland. Just look at the family names! Also, a lot of green plains are present in this world.

The world has rivals in it. Two families trying to gain and keep control. And new in this world are the elves. They aren't a new creature, but they are presented as one. They look quite different from normal Sims! You can easily recognize elves in this world.

So this is my Sim, as usual it's Rosie. Rosie will be showing Dragon Valley to you!



I love all the new outfits and hairs, take a look below.

Female Clothing

There are 2 new tops and 4 new dresses. These are all the styles included:


Female Hairs

Male Clothing

For men there is one full outfit, two tops and one bottom piece (kilt):



Buy Mode

I had hoped Dragon Valley would have more buy mode stuff, but the items that the Sims team made are definitely cool and suit the world nicely:

Chamber Pot


Flowing Fixture


Step Right Up Pedestral Sink


Great Hall Dining Chair


Great Hall Dining Table



Bonded Tapestry, comes with 4 prints!


Outdoor Lamplight (Sky Version), Outdoor Lamplight, and Knotted Torch


Dragon Slayer Heroine Statue


Well of Wisdom


Post Box


Rugged Receptacle


Ornate Roof End


Simple Roof End


Lofty Roof Lantern


Dragon's Ridge Roof Decor


Dragon's Ridge Roof Extender


Dragon Egg


Ascending Wisteria, Wandering Wisteria, Scaling Wisteria, Rising Wisteria, Root of Wisteria.


Build Mode

Check out the new build items:

Ornate Door


Ornate Arch


Sun Window and Slatted Sun Window


Barrier Entryway Gate


Stonework Fence


Amber Elm Tree


Ombre Umbrella


Ancient Oak Tree


Heather Shrub


Fantasy Column - 3 sizes


Celtic Branches


Airy Arches


Celtic Embossed


Columns On Walls


Feathery Flora




Meet the families in Dragon Valley. And pay close attention. Because some of them are parodies of characters of stories and movies in real life!

Eames Household

Wisteria House - 2BR/2.5BA

58 Sailor Bend

Martin Eames

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Career: Criminal - 2 - Cutpurse

Maeve Eames


Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Criminal - 2 - Cutpurse

Liam Eames

Gender: Male
Age: Toddler



Finnigan Household

Limerick House - 1BR/1.5BA

82 Claddagh Court

Aaron Finnigan

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Business - 7 - Vice President


Flanagan Household

Sturdy Home - 2BR/1.5BA

15 Clover Drive

Quinn Flanagan

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Journalism - 6 - Investigative Reporter


McCann Household

Landing Place - 1BR/1BA

37 Aibell Avenue

Lorna McCann

Gender: Female
Age: Elder
​Career: Medical - 9 - Neurosurgeon


Prendergast Household

The Orphanage - 6BR/4.5BA

6 Mithrilen Manor

Cassidy Predergast

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Medical - 7 - Gene Therapist

Sophie Dwyer

Gender: Female
Age: Teen

Corren Dwyer

Gender: Male
Age: Child

Nora Lawless

Gender: Female
Age: Child

Orion Lawless

Gender: Male
Age: Teen

Dillon Lawless

Gender: Male
Age: Toddler

Cara Gallgher

Gender: Female
Age: Toddler


Kelly Household

Glenbeg - 1BR/1.5BA

54 Brighid Bend

Sean Kelly

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Music - 4 - Band Manager

Ava Kelly

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Business - 4 - Corporate Drone


Mithrilen Household

Secure Stronghold - 2BR/2BA

1 Mithrilen Manor

Fintan Mithrilen

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Military - 7 - Fighter Pilot

Aine Mithrilen

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Medical - 5 - Resident

Riordan Mithrilen

Gender: Male
Age: Child


Sackholme Household

Defended Domicile - 2BR/1.5BA

75 Shillelagh Street

Mason Sackholme

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Law Enforcement - 1 - Snitch

Susie Sackholme

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Culinary - 2 - Spice Runner


Murphy Household

Small Steady Home - 1BR/1.5BA

74 Shillelagh Street

Siobahn Murphy

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Music - 8 - Lead Guitarist


MacAnna Household

Solidly Built Home - 2BR/2BA

76 Shillelagh Street

Teagan MacAnna

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Criminal - 5 - Bagwoman

Shannon MacAnna

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Law Enforcement - 5 - Lieutenant


MacGrath Household

The Cottage - 1BR/1.5BA

77 Shillelagh Street

Bradan MacGrath

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Professional Sports - 8 - League MVP


O'Shea Household

The Gables - 2BR/2.5BA

85 Deidre Drive

Breandan O'Shea

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Law Enforcement - 4 - Patrol Officer

Kearney O'Shea

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Military - 4 - Squad Leader


O'Connell Household

The Big House - 3BR/3.5BA

100 O'Connell Heights

Seamus O'Connell

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Political - 6 - Local Representitive

Shauna O'Connell

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Science - 4 - Fertilizer Analyst

That's one Brave girl Wink

Morida O'Connell

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Professional Sports - 5 - Rookie

Brien O'Connell

Gender: Male
Age: Child

Aiden O'Connell

Gender: Male
Age: Child


Ordhen Household

Humble House - 1BR/1BA

90 Dagda Drive

Daric Ordhen

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Varies per game. Level one of any career or unemployed!


Delaney Household

Sun Home - 2BR/2BA

92 Dagda Drive

Emma Delaney

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Professional Sports - 4 - Minor Leaguer

Dorren Delaney

Gender: Male
Age: Elder
​Career: Varies per game. Usually working in the sports career or pensioned!


Cromos Household

Carrigbeg - 2BR/1BA

33 Lugh Lane

Riley Cromos

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Culinary - 6 - Pastry Chef

Zoe Cromos

Gender: Female
Age: Child


Burb Household

Sweet Shelter - 1BR/1BA

34 Lugh Lane

John Burb

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Varies per game. Level one of any career or unemployed!

Jennifer Pleasant

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Varies per game. Level one of any career or unemployed!


Lochlan Household

Loch House - 1BR/1.5BA

30 Clover Drive

Nessie Lochlan

I always imagined The Monster of Loch Ness to look different. :P

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Journalism - 3 - Freelance Writer


Hooley Household

Dara Cottage - 1BR/1.5BA

26 Clover Drive

Robin Hooley

Robin Hood, anyone? :P

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Criminal - 6 - Con Artist

Marian Hooley

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
​Career: Military - 4 - Squad Leader


Dolan Household

Hefty Home - 3BR/1.5BA

24 Clover Drive

Finn Dolan

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Science - 6 - Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker

Sarah Dolan

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Business - 3 - Report Processor

Wynn Byrne

Gender: Female
Age: Elder
​Career: Varies per game. Usually something on level one of any career or pensioned!


Grey Household

Vantage Point - 1BR/1BA

70 Oak Grove

Hugh Grey

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
​Career: Varies per game. Level one of any career or unemployed!


Walsh Household

Thatched Cottage - 1BR/1BA

45 Brea Bend

Aislin Walsh

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Culinary - 5 - Line Cook


O'Reilly Household

Home for the Gentry - 3BR/2.5BA

61 Ardmore Avenue

Conor O'Reilly

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Career: Science - 5 - Carnivorous Plant Tender

Chloe O'Reilly


Gender: Female
Age: Adult
​Career: Journalism - 4 - Professional Blogger

Morrigan O'Reilly

Gender: Female
Age: Teen

Chloe O'Reilly

Gender: Female
Age: Child



Empty Houses

There are a lot of empty houses available in Dragon Valley:

Rustic Home - 1BR/1BA

63 Oak Grove




Cozy & Content - 1BR/1BA

21 Clover Drive




Humble Home - 1BR/1.5BA

81 Claddagh Court




Meek Manor - 1BR/1BA

52 Brighid Bend




Glen House - 2BR/2BA

5 Mithrilen Manor




Carrigbeg - 2BR/1.5BA

3 Mithrilen Manor




Dormer House - 3BR/3BA

73 Shillelagh Street




Very Comfortable House - 2BR/1BA

78 Shillelagh Street




Cozy Cottage - 1BR/1.5BA

91 Dagda Drive




Simple Shack - 2BR/1.5BA

87 Deidre Drive





Empty Lots

Here is a list of all the empty lots in Dragon Valley. Of course you can always create more empty lots by using the in-game world editor. Dragon Valley has plenty of room for more lots if you need more lots!

14 Clover Drive

16 Clover Drive

17 Clover Drive

19 Clover Drive

20 Clover Drive

2 Mithrilen Manor

4 Mithrilen Manor

8 Mithrilen Manor

9 Mithrilen Manor

64 Oak Grove

66 Oak Grove

35 Aibell Avenue

38 Aibell Avenue

47 Aine Avenue

60 Abbey Alley

32 Lugh Lane

71 Shillelagh Street

80 Shillelagh Street

56 Morrigan Mews

86 Deidre Drive

88 Deidre Drive

81 Claddagh Court


Community Lots

I love the rabbit holes and other community lots in Dragon Valley. Take a look below:

Cladach Beach

68 Oak Grove


Dragon Tavern

23 Clover Drive


World's Theatre

13 Clover Drive


Swimmer's Society Practice Pool

11 Clover Drive


Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa

10 Clover Drive


The Local Grocer

Grocery store and Diner

50 Elm Grove


Like Minded Individuals, Inc.

Business and Journalism careers

46 Elm Grove


Playful Park

83 Claddagh Court


City Cairn Memorial Lot


84 Claddagh Court


Garda Police and Military

44 Elm Grove


Freedom Books


43 Elm Grove


Practice Pit Gymnasium

41 Elm Grove


Tome Traders


57 Ardmore Avenue


City Hall

55 Ardmore Avenue


Sláinte Chugat Harmoney Hospital

53 Ardmore Avenue


Feudal Fishing Spot

7 Mithrilen Manor


Myth, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility

Science career

40 Elm Grove


Heart and History Art Gallery

42 Elm Grove


McCafferty's Pub

72 Shillelagh Street


Tourney Tent of Novices


49 Aine Avenue


Miser McCann's Restaurant

59 Ardmore Avenue


Community Garden

51 Elm Grove


Crios Pond

40 Cian Road


Mithrilen's Madmen Hideaway

Criminal career

28 Clover Drive


Mol Beach

25 Clover Drive


Traigh Mhor Beach

69 Oak Grove


Drake School of Life and Learning

101 O'Connell Heights





What do you think of the world? I think it's beautiful! And look at the sunset:



Renaissance Faire

The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire is a new venue which you can buy in The Sims 3 Store. It adds two new skills among other things. The new skills are the Violin and Archery. You can practice both at home and at the venue. I will explain the skills more thorougly in the separate Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire review, go here to read it!



Festival Lot

View and download the Dragon Valley Festival Lot!



In buy mode you can buy a green Dragon Egg. Don't worry about the colour though, I will explain more about that in a bit. If you have The Sims 3: Seasons as well, you can replace the Playful Park with the custom festival lot that was created for Dragon Valley. My Sim was on the festival lot during Spring. While there, she was able to collect Dragon Eggs instead of regular Easter Eggs. Beware though if you collect more than 4 eggs, since each Sim can only keep one dragon of each colour!

Initially I thought (when buying the eggs from the buy mode catalog) that your Sim had to talk to the dragon eggs in order for the eggs to hatch. But she collected about 5 eggs on the festival lot and they all started to hatch after a couple of hours. I think it's roughly 6 hours? This was an issue since a Sim can only have one dragon of each colour in their inventory. And if you have one of a particular colour, you can't pick up a dragon with the same colour! It's best to be at home before the eggs hatch. Because when you are out in public and one (or all of) the eggs starts to hatch, other Sims can steal the dragon, or just as bad, the dragon can fly away. You can prevent this by giving a name to your dragon. But you can only do this if you don't already have a dragon of the same colour. I've had it happen to me that another Sim from Dragon Valley stole the dragon before I could at least sell it. I punished her for sure. My red dragon set her on fire muhahahaha!

You can talk to a dragon egg, and this can influence what kind of dragon will hatch. Here are all the interactions for a dragon egg:

  • Brag about Physical Prowess
  • Gossip about Love of Fire
  • Talk about Job
  • Talk about the Weather
  • Talk about Friends
  • Discuss the Egg Paradox
  • Plot against Enemies
  • Converse about Existentialism

Now you can influence which colour dragon will hatch, but only slightly. So it might not work. But if you try to "converse about existentialism" you might get the black dragon (only with DV gold or the combination of Dragon Valley and the Renaissance Faire), if you "talk about friends" you'll increase the chances of getting a purple dragon. If you "talk about the weather" you might get the green dragon. And finally, if you "gossip about love of fire" the chances for a red dragon are increased!


Here some more screens of Rosie playing around in the house I created. She was waiting for the eggs to hatch:


Every type of dragon can be named, renamed, fed, played with and they all can fly. You need quite a bit of land to let it fly! Playing with the dragons can result in being bitten. Besides a moodlet I haven't seen any negative effects come from this.

The Red Dragon


  • Name Dragon
  • Rename Dragon
  • Fly
  • Feed Dragon
  • Play With Dragon
  • Talk to Dragon about Athletic
  • Shoot Fireball At...
  • Cast Fiery Torment On...
  • Put Dragon Down
  • Put Dragon In Inventory


Red Dragon hatching

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Red Dragon hatching


Here is the red dragon being idle, spitting fire every now and then:

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley - Red Dragon #1

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley - Red Dragon #2

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley - Red Dragon #3

Cute right? Took me some time playing with the dragons to find out they can fall sleep hahaha!


Fiery red dragon :D


Shoot Fireball At...

This does exactly what you would think. The red dragon will shoot a fireball on another Sim. This will hurt the relationship!


Cast Fiery Torment On...

This makes sure a Sim is on fire. Again, not good for the relationship between Sims!


Talk About Athletic

With each dragon you can talk about a particular subject. With the red dragon it's athletic, and this will increase your athletic skill.


More red dragon screens

Just because it's so pretty:


The Green Dragon


  • Name Dragon
  • Rename Dragon
  • Fly
  • Play With Dragon
  • Talk To Dragon about Gardening
  • Summon Treasure
  • Harvest Plants
  • Put Dragon Down
  • Put Dragon In Inventory


Hatching the green dragon

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Green Dragon hatching


Play With Dragon

Rosie is playing with Veggie, her green dragon:

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Playing with Veggie (the green dragon)


Harvest Plants

This is such a time saver! Don't you just hate it that your gardening Sims spend HOURS harvesting their plants? If your Sims don't have enough time to do this, they can ask the green dragon to harvest the plants for them. The goods will then appear in your Sim's inventory.


Talk about Gardening

Need a gardening skill boost? Have a chat with the green dragon about gardening. Happy


Summon Treasure

If you choose this interaction, the green dragon will summon a random treasure for your Sim. I tried it a couple of times and got a gem every time she tried. Happy

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Green Dragon "Summon Treasure"


Other green dragon screens

Unsorted, but pretty!


The Purple Dragon


  • Name Dragon
  • Rename Dragon
  • Fly
  • Feed Dragon
  • Play With Dragon
  • Talk To Dragon about Charisma
  • Summon a Friend
  • Summon Someone New
  • Be the Life of the Party!
  • Cast Rune Charm On...
  • Put Dragon Down
  • Put Dragon In Inventory


Hatching a purple dragon:

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Purple Dragon hatching


Pretty purple dragon ^^


Talk about Charisma

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley - Purple Dragon


Cast Rune Charm On...


Be the Life of the Party

Use this when you have a party. The interaction will happen with or without a party, but there won't be any effect without a party!


Summon Someone New

Need someone to talk to? Summon a random Sim. You can also choose to summon a friend, which will do the exact same, but it will summon a friend and not just any random Sim.



Playing with a dragon can result in being bitten:

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley - Purple Dragon bite


More screens from the purple dragon:


The Black Dragon

The black dragon only appears if you have both Dragon Valley and the Renaissance Faire! Read about the black dragon in The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire review!


Celtic Lands

Unfortunately I don't have the gold version of Dragon Valley, and therefore can't take screenshots of the Celtic Lands set. But here is a store image so you can see what's in the set.

Go here to view the set in The Sims 3 Store. I hope they will release this set separately later on. The price would then be 800 SimPoints!


Review House

I usually create a custom house for the reviews I write. And with Dragon Valley and the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire, I also wanted to create my own medieval house. If you like it, click here to view/download it!


Custom Clothing

Rosie had to be put in medieval clothing as well of course! If you like it, click the links below the images to view and download the custom outfits!

Rosie's Everyday outfit. The top requires Dragon Valley. The skirt requires the base game. The shoes require Supernatural. The hair is from the store.


Rosie's Formal outfit. The dress requires Dragon Valley.


Rosie's Outerwear outfit. The dress requires Dragon Valley.


Rosie's Sleep Outfit. This nightgown requires Master Suite Stuff.


Rosie's Athletic outfit. The top requires Dragon Valley. The pants require University Life!


Perfect Combination

If you like Dragon Valley and its medieval theme, do check out the following store sets as well. I feel they fit in perfectly in this world. And they make up for the lack of medieval themed objects!

Castle items


Tudor items


Magic items




Fairy/Forest items


Modern Technology

As you can see you can try your best to make ye olde world. But the cars, ice cream van and mobile phones sure gave me a good laugh. Of course, Dragon Valley is not necessarily a medieval world. But it appears as one to me. For storytellers the world is awesome, and the modern technology can "ruin" screenshots a little. But I managed to make most of my screenshots without cars "ruining" it. Of course you can live this world in a modern day as well. It's The Sims, use your imagination! Happy


Bonus screenshots

Here are some bonus screenshots of Morida (Brave parody). I changed her hair a little and found out that there isn't the perfect hair for her in any of the expansions, stuff packs or store sets. But I think she is really pretty haha. I might take her Sim and move her to a modern world, for a new storyline.



I think Dragon Valley is awesome. It has a Celtic/Medieval theme and it's great for storytelling. I am glad the dragons came with a new world. I don't know how I would fit them in, in my other worlds. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I think Dragon Valley is THE world for dragons to live in. I would like to thank EA for letting me review Dragon Valley! It's one of the worlds I will find myself playing in more often. And I hope my review gets more people excited for Dragon Valley!

View and download The Sims 3: Dragon Valley in The Sims 3 Store!

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