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SimGuruSarah shared 3 concept arts from a racing car set from The Sims 2. Her tweets mention that they were in Family Fun Stuff. However they were made for The Sims 2: Seasons. If you can't remember them even though you've played Seasons: the items were hidden in-game, and were later added through the Sims 2 Exchange for free!

The winner of the Lily Allen/Seasons Simlish contest recorded a song at EA and it will be featured in the Teen Style Stuff pack!

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The Seasons patch that we pulled last week has been fixed and the new version is available for download. Update your game with the newly patched PATCH!

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Check out the new "Seasons" theme for your Sim Page!

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Come chat with the game team for The Sims 2 Seasons and The Sims 2 Celebration Stuff! Chat will be held on Wednesday April 11, 2007. 3:00-3:45pm PDT.

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Make an ad for The Sims 2 on Current TV. Get creative. Get on TV. Get paid.

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There is a new patch available for Seasons in the Help section. Please review the patch notes before installing. If you also own Pets then please review the BBS thread listed below.

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Come participate in this contest by recording your own version of Lily Allen's hit single, "Smile" in Simlish! You can even see a Sim version of the music video for "Smile"!

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Come check out two free samples of the newest Prima Guide for Seasons, and find out how to purchase the entire official guide.

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If you play piano and love the music from Seasons then we have a treat for you! You can download your own copy of the sheet music for Seasons from the Get Cool Stuff section today!

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