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We have updated all Pets sections with new screenshots! Have a look!

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GameSpot gives an inside look into the upcoming The Sims 2 Pets soundtrack.

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Lots of game sites have posted their previews of Pets! Here's a collection of links to help you get started.

All sections have been updated with new screenshots for Pets!

Have A Look Here and Here!

We have added new Pets screenshots for all platforms! Take a look in the About section!

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<blockquote>This newsletter is the place to get information about different breeds, pet personalities, training pets, and more! <a href="">Read Issue I</a></blockquote> <!--break--> <hr /> <div style="background-color: #60AFCE; color: #000066; width: 680px; padding:10px;"> <h3 style="color: #FFFFFF;">The Sims 2 Pets Training Paper</h3>

The Sims team up with sister act, Aly and Aj, to make beautiful Simlish music together. Get the highlights...

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Fans of the Popular Video Game Series Enrich The Lives of Their Sims With The Addition of an Animal Companion

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CNet has a 3 minute video interview with designer Robin Hunicke, discussing The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack.

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Thank you to everyone that showed up at the chat event. We have posted the transcripts for those of you that couldn't make it.

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