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Lately the Sims Studio has been sharing a lot of cool concept arts of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. Today The Sims 3 on Twitter shared how the toy workbench from The Sims 2: Open for Business was created. In 6 steps with images:

Immerse your Sim into the life of an ambitious entrepreneur!

First of all best wishes for the new year.
At the beginning of the new year everyone looks back on, what has happened the year before.
And we look to the future, everyone is curious what the new year will bring.

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"I know that you've been anxious for information lately. Rumors on the boards are like catnip to Sims fans, and many of you seem to be wondering if and when we will finally reveal the new expansion pack."


We've announced the winners of The Open For Business Commercial Contest. Congratulations Pancake for your Grand Prize winning movie!

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"Check out these top three exclusive tips to help your Sims 2 business thrive and get rich quick."

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We've corrected several issues in Open For Business.

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We've updated the "Runs With Scissors" object to prevent conflicts with your Open For Business game.

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Enter the Open For Business Commercial Contest for the chance to win a new computer! The Contest ends March 24th.

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