Simpedia: The Sims 2: Holiday Edition (2005)

The Sims 2 Holiday Edition is a limited release version of The Sims 2 including 40 all-new Holiday items!

Get into the holiday spirit with The Sims 2 Holiday Edition! This special holiday release contains The Sims 2, the fastest selling PC game of 2004, where you take your Sims from cradle to grave thru life's biggest moments. Will they strive for popularity, fortune, romance, family or knowledge? It's up to you to mix their genes, fulfill their dreams, and push them to extremes. Also included, your Sims can celebrate the holidays with 40 new items! Decorate the house, serve a festive dinner, experience Santa's arrival, and throw a rockin' New Year's Eve Bash! The Sims 2 Holiday Edition will be available at retail stores on November 17.

Already have The Sims 2? Learn more about The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack, a limited edition collection of holiday items featuring 40 all-new Holiday items!


  • 40 Bonus Holiday Items: Get festive and decorate your Sim's house with Mistletoe, Stockings, Snowmen, Wreaths, Winter-themed Paintings and more! Complete the house exterior with Christmas Lights, Frosted Windows, and Reindeer Lawn Ornaments. Get your Sims into the holiday spirit for Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Halloween.
  • Mix Genes: Your Sims have DNA and inherit physical and personality traits. Take your Sims through an infinite number of generations as you evolve their family tree.
  • Fulfill Dreams: Your Sims now have purpose in life. Do they aspire to a life of popularity, fortune, family, knowledge, or romance? It's up to you to decide if they will be a lover or a loser, a prince or a pauper, a fool or a mastermind, and many other choices. Give them what they want and they'll lead a long, successful existence; indulge their fears and risk ruining their lives. It's all in your hands.
  • Push The Extremes: Will your Sims be left at the altar and need a shrink, or inherit a fortune and become filthy rich? Witness the big moments that make every Sim's life uniquely memorable.
  • Unlimited Creativity: Generate unique Sims with the new Create-A-Sim, packed with a vast selection of facial features, hairstyles, and outfits. Build dream homes and design neighborhoods with new building, design, and home furnishing options.
  • Celebrate The Holidays With Your Sims: Serve a holiday feast for the whole family or witness Santa or Mrs. Claus' arrival on Christmas Eve. Throw a happening New Year's Eve party and don't forget to set off some fireworks!
Release Date US: 
15 Nov 2005
Release Date EU: 
17 Nov 2005
Release Date UK: 
18 Nov 2005


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