Simpedia: The Sims 2 (Console)


If the world was a blank canvas, how would you fill it in?

Create a cast of characters and tell your own stories in The Sims 2. Create Sims, give them personalities, and directly control every move they make. Then customize their world, building their homes, creating their food, and designing their fashions. Help them in their careers and aspirations as they build a network of friends and avoid their enemies. Enjoy the peaks of pleasure and the trials of pain in your Sims' lives.



  • Immerse yourself in a world created, customized, and controlled by you. Develop a master plan for your Sim's social life, career, and pathway to greatness...or live in chaos!
  • Genuine console controls let you directly control every move your Sims make.
  • Create thousands of your own food recipes and clothing designs from items you acquire throughout your Sims' world.
  • Sims now have memories, adding a new dimension to managing your Sims' relationships.
  • Play copperatively with a friend for double the fun with new split-screen 2-player mode!
  • Experience endless possibilities! There's a surprise around every corner ... and in the couch ... and on the toilet. Investigate your Sim's world to find hidden opportunities that can help (or hurt) in achieving your Sim's goals.
  • Spice up your Sims surroundings by importing images into the game with the Eyetoy®.
Release Date US: 
1 Nov 2005
Release Date EU: 
3 Nov 2005
Release Date UK: 
4 Nov 2005


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