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Create your own hero and fight to save your planet!

Spore finally comes to the Wii in this all-new adventure. Create your own creature hero and fight to save your planet.

This all-new story begins as you crash land on a strange alien world. But something evil has followed you and is threatening to destroy the creatures of the planet.

Only a true hero can save the world from this new threat! Earn unique new parts to adapt your hero for corageous battles and amazing adventures.



  • CREATE and evolve your own hero with over 250 collectable parts and special abilities. Spore's revolutionary Creature Creator is brought to life with Wii™ enhanced controls!
  • FIGHT using your Wii Remote™ as you spit poison, fire spikes, dive bomb and bite your enemies. Unlock combos and new fighting skills as you take on dangerous creatures all over the planet!
  • PLAY against a friend as you bring your wildest Spore creatures into battle in versus multiplayer action!
  • EXPLORE a vast new world filled with hidden parts, thrilling quests and more in this new Spore Adventure!

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
6 Oct 2009
Release Date EU: 
8 Oct 2009
Release Date UK: 
9 Oct 2009




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