Spore Creatures


Evolve Your Creature and Save your Galaxy!

Guide and nurture your creature on an epic quest to save its galaxy. Start as a humble, simple creature then meet other creatures and fight or befriend them to progress through your grand adventure. As your creature's story unfolds, grow and add to its abilities by collecting and adding parts and adding personalised colours and patterns in the easy and intuitive Creature Editor. Eventually uncover the mystery of your planet's trouble, and work to be set things right!

While enjoying Spore's enthralling single-player gameplay, you'll also e able to share your creatures via Nintendo Wi-Fi with other DS players, and store your favourite creatures on your DS. You can also track your achievements with a fun badge system. Spore for the DS is a unique game, custom-made for the DS platform to take full advantage of the popular stylus and Touch Screen features.



  • CREATE your very own custom creatures.
  • EXPLORE environments on a quest to evolve your creature, save the planet, and eventually blast off into outer space!
  • COLLECT creatures, parts, and Bio-Powers that help you specialise and advance on your epic journey.
  • CONNECT to share, show-off, and compete head-to-head with other Spore players.


Release Date US: 
7 Sep 2008
Release Date EU: 
4 Sep 2008
Release Date UK: 
5 Sep 2008


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