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On the official Darkspore forums I found this important message:

An exclusive EA Store ( Darkspore beta will be open from Friday 12PM PDT through Sunday evening. If you already have Darkspore, feel free to hop on in! There is no patch for this beta and all progress has been preserved.

An open beta will start April 12th and run through April 22nd. We have a nice set of patch notes for that one :). Accounts will be reset for the open beta.

Unfortunately, there was no beta last weekend. But there is good news, announced on the official Darkspore forums. Yesterday evening they opened the beta again and it will stay open through Friday!

Beta 6 has started and will run through Friday, April 1st. Have fun, and please use the in-game bug/feedback tool to submit info to us!

There won't be a Darkspore beta this weekend. But not to worry, more betas will follow in the next couple of weeks:

The beta is closed this weekend, but we're setting new beta dates right now. We'll post them as soon as we can. Can't wait to play with you!

Today, the Darkspore team announced a change in release date:

We're moving the Darkspore release date to April 26... and we're going to have more betas!

On the bright side, we will get more betas! :D

With the new theme, I also worked on a couple of other changes:

With Darkspore being released this month, we decided to give SporeNetwork a new look. A somewhat darker design for both Darkspore and Spore. If you don't like this dark theme, you can still go to your account (yes, members only) and choose the old "Spore" theme. As for the forums, I haven't had time to create a matching forum theme yet, but I'll work on that one very soon. Enjoy the new theme!

MaxisDave announced the 5th Darkspore beta test, which will be open from noon Friday until midnight Sunday (PST):

This week's Beta test will open Friday, March 11, at noon pacific time.

I have been able to play the Darkspore beta ever since it opened about a month ago. I got a key through Maxis, but also several keys through EA Netherlands. I mainly gave away these keys to my team members, so I didn't offer them on SporeNetwork. However, I got a new batch of beta keys from EA! If you are interested in playing the Darkspore beta, but don't have a beta key, contact me through our contact page! We'll contact you a.s.a.p. about the beta keys!

Lucky for us there will be another beta run this weekend! Unfortunately all accounts will be reset again. Awww, I had such great heroes... Ah well.

This week's Beta test will open at NOON on Friday, March 4th! (pacific time)


Maxis announced that Darkspore is for PC users only. There will not be a Mac version at the release date:

Darkspore is a PC-only game at launch. No other platforms have been announced.

So there's the "official" line. The unofficial line is very simple: we love the Mac! Many of us are Mac users! There are several Macs in the studio! Yay Mac! But ... we have only announced on the PC.



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