Simpedia: SimCity German City Set

Transform your city into a modern German metropolis! Plop the historic Brandenburg Gate into your city and watch as the old-world look and feel of Germany spreads into your city. Germany comes to life as unique German shops and houses spring up around Brandenburg Gate and the modern High-Speed Rail Station shuttles Sims to and from your city with speed and luxury.


  • Brandenburg Gate exclusive landmark: Plop the instantly recognizable Brandenburg Gate in your city and watch as tourists flock to visit. Tourists attracted to the world-famous landmark will be a boon for your city's economy.
  • High-speed Rail Station: The sleek and efficient German High-Speed Rail Station provides your Sims the fastest way to travel by train. Bring hordes of tourists into your city using existing rail tracks or help your Sims commute to and from neighboring cities in comfort and style.
  • Transform your city’s look and feel: Just plop the Brandenburg Gate landmark in your city to watch the buildings around it transform into modern German shops, factories and houses. Simply keep your Sims around the landmark happy and they'll do the rest. Create your very own German neighborhood right in your city.

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
5 Mar 2013
Release Date EU: 
7 Mar 2013
Release Date UK: 
8 Mar 2013



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