Simpedia: SimCity British City Set

Add a touch of class to your city with charming British buildings, double-decker buses and world-famous Big Ben. Place the majestic clock tower into your city and watch as the distinguished look and feel of Britain spreads into the surrounding area.


  • Big Ben exclusive landmark: With Big Ben in your city, you’ll always know when it’s time for tea. Big Ben is not only one of the most famous landmarks in the world; it's also a fully functioning clock. Watch tourists flock to your city and marvel when Big Ben strikes twelve.
  • Double-Decker Bus Terminal: One of London's most iconic images, the double-decker bus, can be yours when you have the Double-Decker Bus Terminal. Whether it's taking your Sims from home to work or from work to shopping, the cheerful sight of a double-decker bus always delights. Double-decker buses also cut down on traffic with their greater passenger capacity.
  • Transform your city’s look and feel: Recreate a portion of London in your own city. With Big Ben in your city, local residential, commercial and Industrial buildings will take on the charming look of jolly old England. You’ll feel like you’re on the banks of the Thames in your newly transformed city.

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
5 Mar 2013
Release Date EU: 
7 Mar 2013
Release Date UK: 
8 Mar 2013



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