Simpedia: SimCity Societies

How Will You Shape Your Society?

Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity™ Societies allows players to create their own kinds of cities, shape their cultures, societal behaviors and environments. Build an artistic city, an Orwellian city, futuristic city, green city, spiritual community or any society you want! With more accessible and innovative choices than before, SimCity Societies is the most versatile city building game.


  • SimCity Societies is the most versatile city building game. SimCity Societies provides players with the ultimate building block tool kit, allowing players to combine, connect and re-arrange elements of their city like never before.
  • Revolutionary new resource management: control the social energies of your city. Choose, combine, mix and match 6 different social energies: industry, wealth, obedience, knowledge, spirituality and creativity to shape the character and style of your own city.
  • Make an artistic city, an industrial one, a police state …or anything you want. Build your own kinds of cities! Strive to create an Orwellian Utopia, a city of technology, a city of contemplation, a candy land filled with gingerbread houses and chocolate factories or wherever your imagination takes you.
  • Build out the city with unique homes, roads, parks and industries. Choose from more than 350 buildings that are inspired by realistic and fanciful archetypes, spanning from the industrial age into the future and beyond. As your city evolves, you’ll be able to unlock new buildings to help advance your society.
  • Share your own unique cities with your friends online. SimCity Societies allows you to create your own unique cities to share with your friends online.
Release Date US: 
13 Nov 2007
Release Date EU: 
15 Nov 2007
Release Date UK: 
16 Nov 2007


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