Simpedia: SimCity Societies (mobile)


Build and manage the city of your dreams in SimCity™ Societies mobile! Choose a range of building types - homes, leisure spots, workplaces and industrial sites. Determine the look and feel of your society, from police state to liberal utopia. Unlock new buildings to advance and help your society evolve. Respond to disasters, manage assets wisely, and your city will thrive. With multiple difficulty levels, unique scenarios, and helpful tutorials, SimCity™ Societies gives you the power to shape society! Inspired by the Maxis Games PC game.



Features may vary by handset

  • Creative, building-based gameplay
  • Choose buildings and create your own city
  • Enjoy the look and feel of The Sims you love
  • Sharpen your city-building skills in Freeplay mode
  • Multiple scenarios for new, exciting challenges
  • Develop a society exactly as you'd like it to be

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