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Build your legacy with SimCity Metropolis.

Build your legacy with SimCity Metropolis. Handpicked by the President, your task is to shape a new town into the city of your dreams! Build the right combination of comfortable residences, successful industries and popular businesses to keep Sims happy. Solve each neighborhood's humorous scenario to expand your city and earn Hero Buildings. Act fast to take advantage of opportunities and overcome disasters. Simplified controls help you turn a small town into a flourishing SimCity Metropolis.



  • Watch your city grow into a Metropolis by achieving objectives to unlock neighborhoods.
  • Challenge your leadership skills with humorous scenarios in your city's compelling story.
  • Complete objectives to unlock and construct Hero Buildings that impact your city's future.
  • Make wise management decisions to turn neighborhoods into specialized urban districts.
  • Continue to manage your Metropolis as you please in Freeplay mode.
  • Enjoy a casual game as you focus on a few objectives using simple iconography and controls.

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