Simpedia: SimCity Deluxe (mobile)


The beloved, original SimCity is back and rebuilt for mobile. Design and build your dream city with SimCity Deluxe.

Play as Mayor & City Planner. You call all the shots in your town! Choose a map, and zone residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Install roads, police and fire stations, parks and stadiums. But prepare to cope with crime, pollution, fires, and even tornados! Plus, maintain a balanced budget!

Set your pace, achieve milestones, and see your SimCity come to life!



  • Back to Our Roots! Power to the Mayor!
  • Urban Planning: Residential, Commercial and Industrial
  • Zone Evolution: Visual progression from poor slums to luxury living
  • Beyond Zoning: Road placement, water supply, park planning, taxes, and more
  • City Management: Electricity supply, health care, traffic optimization, tax rate, and more
  • Disasters! Get them randomly, turn them off, or launch them at your whim
  • Your Pace: You control the simulation speed
  • Free Play Mode: Start from scratch and grow your city
  • Scenario Mode: Relive real world events through scenarios
  • Advisor: Get updates and info from your very own assistant
  • LivingCity: Gorgeous visuals and animations bring your city to life
  • Achievements: Highlight your mayoral prowess with meaningful milestones

Release Dates

Release Date: 
28 Jul 2010



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