Simpedia: SimTunes

The Bug-Crawling, Music-Making, Picture-Painting Software!

Sim Tunes is the only creativity software that allows kids to make their own "musical pictures." Just select and draw from the color palette - each color corresponds to a different musical note. Then watch and listen as the quartet of animated Bugz dance around the screen, triggering bursts of light and sound each time they pass over a different colored dot or line. String the colors together to create a tune.

  • Helps kids discover their own natural creative abilities
  • Allows kids to explore and experience elements of music and art
  • Provides a variety of playing levels: from "basic" menus for simple tunes to "advanced" menus for more complex creations
  • Because kids make their own musical pictures, it's new every time they play

Select 4 Bugz from 40 choices ranging from musical instruments to zany sound effects. Some even talk. Bugz crawl across colored dots, each color representing a different note. Every Bug has its own unique sound and light animation, creating a lively musical picture. Kids can choose from among 40 different stamps (heart, animal, and geometric shapes) to enhance their own art and music creations. Create musical pictures to share with friends and family.

Release Dates

Release Date: 
6 Apr 1996



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