Simpedia: SimSafari

Step Into The African Savannah!

SimSafari brings Africa to you! Imagine yourself in rugged bush country, peering through binoculars at vast herds of elephants, zebras and lions. Choose from exotic plants and wildlife to create your own safari park. Team with a neighboring village and build a flourishing safari camp. Even tackle wild missions!


  • Dozens of animal close-up animations bring SimSafari to life.
  • The engaging Safari Smarts trivia game challenges and expands kids' knowledge of African wildlife.
  • Specialized advisors (a business manager, village elder, and ecologist) provide key feedback.
  • Over 50 exotic African plant and animal species to create a flourishing safari park.
  • Pitch tents, construct lodges and build swimming pools to make park visitors happy.

Release Dates

Release Date: 
15 Mar 1998



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