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Missions in The Rainforest

OK, so you're the king of the forest - make that rainforest. Now what are you going to do? You'd better decide fast because there are miners, poachers, petrochemical companies, endangered species, tourists, polluters, ecologists, natural disasters and even UFO's, all vying for your attention - and for your resources. With teams of agents at your command, you'll embark on missions to determine the fate of a series of island rainforests. You'll control the balance between ecology and economy. You'll decide who survives and who goes extinct. And when all is said and done, you'll be king of the rainforest - or of a wasteland.


Video clips and photographs will show you real rainforest plants and animals. Free form mode lets you set your own agenda for building or exploring. Sound effects recorded in rainforests will make you feel like you're really there - wild animal sounds so realistic, you'll shiver. Exotic musical soundtrack puts you in the mood.

Release Dates

Release Date: 
30 Sep 1995



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