Simpedia: SimHealth

A Tool for National Debate

What would you do if you were in charge of the nation's health care? SimHealth challenges and enables you to design a national health care system based on your ideas and values, then tests it in a dynamic computer simulation. Who gets health insurance? What does it cover? Who pays for it? How do you control costs? How will your plan affect business, physicians, specialists, insurance companies, lawyers, medical research and the average citizen? You make the tough decisions--you live with the consequences.

  • Test a number of current health care system proposals.
  • Design and enact a national health care system that supports your personal values
  • Record your health care policy solutions to share with others
  • Challenge and change the model's underlying assumptions
  • Receive feedback from patients, doctors, and the voting public
  • On-screen help and tours walk you through all the simulation's features and functions and provide all the background information you need to take on this challenge.

Release Dates

Release Date: 
25 Mar 1994



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