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The Electronic Ant Colony

Ants. You've shared your food, your home and your planet with them. You've stepped on them, sprayed them, cursed them and bombed them. Now you can be them. Based on real ant biology and behavior, SimAnt gives you the experience of life as an ant: Fight for queen and colony; Defend your home from deadly predators; Face menacing hordes of enemy ants; Invade the homes of humans; Endure the dangers of insecticide poisoning; Reproduce to make more ants.



  • Easy to play - even an insect can do it
  • On-screen help for all buttons and controls
  • Blood-sucking spiders, treacherous ant lions and yummy caterpillars
  • Disgusting noises
  • A caste of thousands
  • Experience the joys of trophallaxis
  • Experimental tools include: mazes, pheromones and insecticide
  • Silly mode exposes the secret thoughts of electronic ants
  • On-screen Tutorial begins your life as an ant
  • Take over the house and drive out the yucky humans
  • Documentation includes extensive science section on real ants
  • Recruit an army of ants to aid you in foraging and fighting
  • After playing this game, you'll know your anthill from a hole in the ground

Release Dates

Release Date: 
26 Feb 1991



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