Simpedia: MySims Racing Wii


Race into an all-new adventure with the MySims!

Test your reflexes, strategy and skill by tricking out cars, completing challenges, and winning championships. Speed up any get-together with 4-player mode. Pick cool race-themed outfits and accessories for your MySim, save Speedville, and come race with us!



  • Race to the finish.
    Face a variety of tricky MySims opponents on a variety of challenging tracks
  • Four-player racing.
    Compete for prices and bragging rights with up to four players
  • Strategic victory.
    Use drifting, boost control and driving strategy to get an edge on your opponents
  • Build your winning car.
    Improve power, acceleration, and handling by mixing and matching engines, suspension, and tires
  • Awesome Power-ups.
    Get ahead of the curve with awesome power-ups like the heat-seeking watermelon or a bubble dropper.

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
16 Jun 2009
Release Date EU: 
18 Jun 2009
Release Date UK: 
19 Jun 2009




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