Simpedia: MySims Party Wii


Create a character, explore the town, party with the MySims!

There's so much fun to have with your friends in MySims™ Party! Explore the town with old friends Chaz and DJ Candy, and discover new ones at every turn! Create the house and village of your dreams starring your very own MySim! And discover robot-racing, snowboarding, and tons of other new adventures in this mini-game paradise!



  • Challenge your reflexes, strategy, smarts and speed with lots of games:
    Find the real mummy with a flashlight, slash a cannonball, flip bacon and more.
  • MySims' unique talents:
    Strength, endurance, speed and luck all play a part in how well they play. Choose a team of four for victory in every minigame!
  • Fast-Paced Festivals:
    Play minigames one right after the other in fast-paced series to win the monuments! No more walking around a game board!
  • Great parties:
    Any get-together turns into a party with up to four players playing more than 50 minigames (Wii™) and 40 (Nintendo DS™). Quickplay modes get you and your friends to the games fast.

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
10 Mar 2009
Release Date EU: 
12 Mar 2009
Release Date UK: 
13 Mar 2009




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