Sneak peek at The Sims 3 Late Night

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 23:00

The notion of spending an evening with good group of friends for a fantastic time is global in its appeal and cannot be pinned to any culture. Our goal with Late Night was to provide the most complete, thrilling, and modern take on an afterhours scene than we’ve ever done before.

We always look to the past for inspiration and find ways to evolve. The theme and feel of Nightlife was a bit suburban and lighthearted. It presented a set of late night activities for Sims stuck in suburbia and overly family-friendly entertainment such as the bowling alley. The silliness was quite evident in the coordinated group dance “smustle,” or the vampires who cavorted about town in an outfit similar to the one Sesame Street’s The Count would wear.

The Sims 3 Late Night is set to be a more mature and realistic look at the night scene in a more urban environment. Instead of experiencing pre-determined set pieces that players would inevitably see over and over, it’s more of a playground of possibility and intrigue.

The open neighborhood allows Sims to migrate from bar to bar, each of which will offer new drinks, new clientele, and new activities. Grungy dives may be a great place to start the evening with cheap juices or darts with your Sim’s friends. However, from there your Sim should travel to an upscale lounge where, assuming they can get in, the bar-goers will be more attractive, the drinks will be better, and the music will push everyone to the dance floor. Exclusivity plays a big role in the Late Night scene. Being someone determines where you can go and what you can do. The rewards for becoming a VIP aren’t just recognition, but access to exclusive lounges, friendships, and more ways to experience the night.

How your Sims approach this vibrant and diverse night scene is entirely up to you. Will they hit the scene with a group of friends as a normal Sim and hope they can get past the bouncer? Or will they pool together some of the best musical talent in town and become the hottest new band? Impressing a celebrity or even becoming one has several perks that can fundamentally change a Sim’s life. Innovative and entertaining bartenders who know their way around a delicious beverage are always sought by the best clubs. It also helps to be a creature of the night– as a Vampire, your Sim can use their amazing abilities to draw more out of life…from others.

Interactive high-rises allow players to finally view the world from the top floor of a towering building. There is no better way to convey wealth in a game all about being somebody than a glamorous rooftop party amidst the evening skyline. Penthouses can be filled with luxury objects such as hot tubs and your Sim’s every whim tended to by their butler.

Having a butler allows your Sim more time to attend countless parties thrown around town by celebrities with whom your Sim should be building a relationship. In Late Night, there is always a party somewhere.

A richly diverse scene, great music, bartending, Celebrities, and even vampires will make Late Night an original downtown playground in which Sims can let loose and have amazing experiences.


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