Producer Blog: Let’s Go Exploring!

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 22:00

A new producer blog by Matt Yang!

SimAnimals AfricaHey, everybody! Matt Yang here again to tell you some more about SimAnimals Africa for the Nintendo DS!

There are a wide variety of places to see in SimAnimals Africa. Every time you fill the happy bar of an area, you'll unlock a new place to visit. Each area is totally unique, with new animals and challenges.

You'll start out in the peaceful Meerkat Meadow. Once you've made that area happy, you'll be able to choose which path to take: the Savannah path or the River path. Don't worry, though! You'll be able to go back and forth if you want.

The Savannah path is dry and arid, with lots of grasses. You'll see grazing animals like zebras and rhinos on this path. The River path, on the other hand, is lush and green. You'll see water animals like crocodiles and hippos.

When you finish both paths, you'll be able to travel to the mysterious Jungle Ruins. It holds a very fascinating secret ... but you'll have to discover that for yourself! Happy


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